Eco Mobile Tour is an online video platform specialized in ecological and sustainable tourism. Developed in Barcelona and led by Pedro Azevedo Dias, the project is the result of the collaboration of various professionals in the areas of Digital Communication, Video Production, Digital Media and Design.

During the last two decades it was created new possibilities for advancement in the tourism industry in both the supply and demand aspect of the market. These changes are the result of a growing social consciousness of environmental quality, now that it is well known that mass tourism has led to environmental, social, and cultural degradation in uncountable areas of the world.

Sustainability is among the most prevalent global issues; the UN declared 2012 as the International Year of Sustainable Energy, with the main objective being to bring the world population to a higher level of awareness about the importance of increasing sustainable access to renewable energy in all areas.

Barcelona is an internationally recognized tourist destination of which receives large amounts of visitors who flock to the city, all motivated by various reasons. Tourism has thus become one of the fastest growing phenomena in the past 20 years, drastically impacting Barcelona both socially and economically.
We can hardly imagine Barcelona without tourism, the same way as medium or large urban centers all over the world cannot be conceived without tourism, which flows combined with the entry of all visitors who use and live the city and the surrounding grounds increasingly pluralistic. Tourism is booming worldwide and is one of the most important economic pillars of these territories.
The effects that tourism generates in society are certainly complex and there is no doubt that a global view of the positive and negative impacts of this activity may help to better understand the processes of tourism and the city in general.

So why is it necessary to worry about sustainability in tourism?

Sustainability, renewable energy, ecology and natural and organic products are themes that are increasing in interest and value nowadays, due to a larger awareness about the rest of world around us.
According to some researchers, the pillars supporting this activity are both environmental (natural, historical, artistic, social…) and human influenced, mutually interdependent. Tourist exploitation is leading to the destruction of social, economic, natural and cultural heritage. Therefore, worldwide efforts are aiming to find a balance between tourist development, human influences, and our environment. To achieve this it is necessary to consider the rights that define us as people as well as the obligations that we have as inhabitants of the Earth. Accordingly, different government agencies such as UNESCO and the UN take into account the factors of sustainable tourism, incorporating them among their policies on sustainability, which is represented in the Charter of Sustainable Tourism, 1995.

For this reason, Eco Mobile Tour demonstrate a different industrial tourism, one that focuses on the touristic activities which contribute to sustainability, ecology, preservation, and appreciation of the natural and cultural environment, while welcoming and raising awareness for all visitors.

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